Gilinskiy Yakov

Academic degree
doctor of jurisprudence sciences (speciality - VAC 12.00.08 Уголовное право и криминология; уголовно-исполнительное право)
Science rang
  1. Rossiyskiy gosudarstvennyy pedagogicheskiy universitet im. A.I. Gercena , kafedra ugolovnogo prava , professor ,
  2. Sankt-Peterburgskiy yuridicheskiy institut (filial) Universiteta prokuratury Rossiyskoy Federacii , kafedra ugolovnogo prava i kriminologii; ugolovno-ispolnitel'nogo prava , professor ,
  • Journal "Society and law" — editorial council, employee
  • Journal "Russian Journal of Deviant Behavior" — editorial board member, employee
  • Journal "Bulletin of the Kazan Law Institute of MIA Russia" — member of the editorial council, employee
Contribution to science
Soviet and Russian criminologist, sociologist, and jurist. Founder of Soviet-Russian deviantology. Yakov Ilyich's scientific interests lie in the area of intersection of criminology and deviantology. The scope of Professor Gilinsky's scientific research is quite extensive and multifaceted. The scientist in his works covers the issues of deviantology and criminology of postmodern society, reveals the theme of creativity as a positive deviation of personality, studies the problems of crime, social control, terrorism and extremism in modern society. His works pay attention to the problems of political and legal regulation of crises and suicidal behavior in adolescence and youth, technologies of prevention of deviations in the social sphere, study the causes of family dysfunction both in Russia and abroad and many other topical issues of modern deviatology. He is the author of more than 500 scientific works, including about 30 monographs, mainly on criminology, sociology of deviance and social control, as well as on criminal law, penology, management theory, general sociology and philosophy. Of these, over 120 publications in English, Ukrainian, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese and other languages. Translated with (free version)
State and public posts and positions
Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, European Union of Criminologists, International Sociological Association. Academician of the International Academy of Education, member of the International Association of Deviantologists.

Osnovnye trudy

po deviantologii:

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  • Deviantnost' v obschestve postmoderna. Monografiya. – SPb: Aleteyya, 2017;
  • Tvorchestvo kak pozitivnaya deviantnost'. – SPb: Alef-Press, 2015;
  • Deviantologiya. – SPb: Yuridicheskiy centr Press, 2007;
  • Deviantologiya: sociologiya prestupnosti, narkotizma, prostitucii, samoubiystv i drugih «otkloneniy». – SPb: Yuridicheskiy centr Press, 2004 (Akad. tip. Nauka RAN);
  • Deviantnost', prestupnost', social'nyy kontrol': Izbrannye stat'i. – SPb: Yuridicheskiy centr Press, 2004;
  • Globalizaciya, deviantnost', social'nyy kontrol': sbornik statey. – SPb: DEAN, 2009 i dr.;

po sociologii:

  • Social'noe nasilie. Monografiya. – SPb: Aleteyya, 2017;
  • Deviantnost' v obschestve potrebleniya. – SPb: Alef-Press, 2012 i dr.;

po kriminologii:

  • Kriminologiya postmoderna (neokriminologiya). Monografiya. – SPb: Aleteyya, 2021;
  • Ocherki po kriminologii. – SPb: Alef-Press, 2015;
  • Konstruirovanie deviantnosti. – SPb: DEAN, 2011;
  • Kriminologiya: teoriya, istoriya, empiricheskaya baza, social'nyy kontrol' (uchebnik dlya vuzov). – SPb: Piter, 2002;
  • Kriminologiya: teoriya, istoriya, empiricheskaya baza, social'nyy kontrol'. – 4-e izd., pererab. i dop. – SPb: Alef-Press, 2018 i dr.


St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
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